Cei Evans from UK is only 13 years old but is already an amazing skater! Since the beginning of this year, Cei joined the UK SEBA Street team, we are really happy to support him and to see his evolution. Look at his video and keep an eye on him in the future.. READ MORE..

The SEBA Street Team made the trip to Summerclash 2014, which was held in the Mellowpark, Berlin, Germany. Congratulations to Cj Wellsmore who took the 3rd place at the mini ramp and to the rest of the team for the great time and there amazing tricks during all the event !!!


Brian & Danny are now officially into the SEBA Street team as Amateur we catch up these guys for few question..


Leon Basin: - Where did you grow up skating ?

-Brian: Washington, DC and Boston

-Danny: St. John's Newfoundland Canada


LB: - When and Where did you guys meet ?


Here is the latest edit from Ilya Sukhenko !

Ilya proves one more time his versatility, and switched his 4x80mm SX frames for the Seba Street frames, and CJ boot. Ilya is one of the world's best freeride skater, he was Skate Cross World Champion in 2012, and he shows us his good skills there.. READ MORE..

Here is a nice edit from Regis Pottier, Anthony Pottier's little brother, that we are happy to share. This year we support him as a "flow" skater and we wish him to follow the same successful way as Antony...


A new member will write the SEBA Street story! 

Michael Froemling is one of the most incredible skater in USA, and is now officially skating for SEBA Street team!


We welcome this partnership with great enthusiasm..


Antony Pottier X Truespin Skatepark' SEBA Street Edit


Skates- SEBA Cj Wellsmore carbon skates


Shot- Joachim Orban, Regis Pottier & Anthony Finocchiaro..


A new member will write the SEBA Street story! 

Wan Su Sim is one of the most incredible skater of the Korean street scene, and is now officially skating for SEBA Street pro team!


We welcome this partnership with great enthusiasm..


SEBA Street is proud to welcome the first girl in the Pro team!

Our first female skater to enter the street Pro team is Manon Derrien, from France. She is one of the most talented girl in street skating,

and even if she just recovered from a knee surgery,

she is now back in the game with us..


SEBA Street is exalted to announce that we have created an amateur team! 

Our first amateur team rider is Frederic Bukowski, from France. He has Polish origins, is only 16 years old and is one of the most talented skaters of his generation. 

We saw his evolution and kept an eye on him since the beginning. Today we are proud to take him on board and write the story together...


SEBA Street is proud to present the official CJ Wellsmore Pro Model Edit.


Filmed and edited by Dom West in Sydney, Australia, CJ's hometown.


The brand new CJ.Wellsmore Pro Model skate is available in the shops worldwide.

This skate is made with carbon fiber, and..


The brand new CJ.Wellsmore Pro Model skate will be available in the shops worldwide in autumn 2013.

This skate is made with carbon fiber, and will be one of the lightest of the market ; very comfortable and very stiff, it gives a good ankle support and a good flexion at the same time. 



Antony Pottier has been shredding hard for years. He never ceases to amaze with big tricks and technical switchups at competitions all over Europe. Seba Skates recently added Antony to their team, and the Belgian powerhouse has been pretty busy ever since. He still found some time to film this sick One Minute One Spot though. Check it out!



Here are some tricks made by members of the team SEBA Street Cj Wellsmore, Pierre Lelievre and Antony Pottier during the NL competition in Strasbourg, France.

Enjoy, Like & Share !




"Welcome to Detroit. 
A well travelled CJ arrives in America, just barely making it through customs by cleverly claiming his place of residency in the US as simply 19 Detroit street. 
With bags packed and spirits high CJ and the crew take advantage of the local Detroit scenery. Days spent ice skating and exploring the city turned into nights spent chilling with good friends,  2 AM box sessions and in depth discussions of the new Seba Aggressive skate. CJ as usual was the life of the party, always making the best of every moment and opportunity he has been given as a result of skating... READ MORE..

Barcelona ! ​​what else..?
After more than a road trip experience through England, Germany, Belgium and Holland, returning to Paris after Winterclash with Antony Pottier & Cj Wellsmore, we decided to take a week in BCN to do some pictures and especially enjoy the sun.We took the opportunity to visit the shop Inercia, we presented the future promodel Cj and we also shared a good session with local skaters, organized by BCN Rollers...



-Cj, How has the latest prototype of your skate held up throughout your latest competitions? 


The skate is coming along great! I'm really happy with how well it has maintained its structure even though it's sample material ! Of course there are still things to improve, however the overall feel for the skate is perfect. 


-You managed to get the opportunity to travel to the USA, last minute. how did it turn out in the end?


It all happened so fast, considering i was meant to go home from a massive trip around europe, to then have the opportunity to go to BCSD was great ; even though i was broken and ready for a good rest by the beach in Sydney i couldn't resist to this opportunity ! As it turned out it was definitely worth while ;)  The competion was amazing and it was so great to see everyone again ; not to mention the great new friendships i created on the way.




The SEBA Street Team made the trip to Winterclash 2013, which was held in the Area 51 skatepark, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Congratulations to Cj Wellsmore who took the 2nd place and to Antony Pottier who took the 5th place in the final. Great job and amazing tricks !! 




After few days in Paris and few days in Moscow, here we go to NYC ! (CJ Wellsmore, Miriam & myself (Anthony Finocchiaro )

We went there for 3 reasons, the first one was the New York Battle (B.Oneil invitational), the second was to make some pictures in this awesome city and the third one was to test the latest prototypes of CJ promodel street skates. It was a long time since I came here, and I was still amazed by the city which never sleeps. CJ is not a "Broadway movie star", but as soon as we started walking in the main streets, we were approached by a guy "Hey ! CJ Wellsmore !!??" and this happened few times during our trip ! Weird...





Here is a nice production by the great director Anthelme Bizeul which is also one of the major players in the Amscas Marseille.

The video shows us that tells the story of a great Skaters, Kevin QUINTIN member of the team SEBA and also the number one ranking WSX' 

Rider of excellence and now Dad, it have nothing to prove and is placed in time legend of the sport, sport it transmits to the younger through his work as a sports instructor, 

Kevin has yet to give the Inline, and we hope he will continue his great career.. 

good luck.


De 1991 à aujourd'hui, Kevin Quintin au Bowl de Marseille.
Réalisation : Anthelme Bizeul.2011.